Boshke Beatsのオーナーであり、DJとして聞く者を深い旅へ誘い続けるAlex Tolstey。


98年以降スペインをベースにBoshke Beatsを設立、The Delta、Extrawelt、X-Dream、Midimilizなどミニマルサイケデリックなアーティストを抱え、数々の楽曲を排出する老舗レーベルのオーナとして地位を確立する傍ら、カナダ、日本、スペイン、イスラエル、フランス、ポルトガル、ドイツ、スイスなどのパーティーへ出演しテクノ・トランスコミュニティにおいて高いフィードバックを得ている。


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On the way to Zna Gathering 2017
3 sets a head big boshke oldschool flashback night on main floor with X-DREAM and The Delta on 24th, we starting at 23:30 and finish at 8:30 am, then 3 hours downtempo-chillrave set at chill out b2b with Marcus on 26th and closing goa-techno set on the main floor on 28th... really looking forward for it, the line up is great, the goosebumps and flashbacks and loads of proper flow by the originators and pioneers of the genre from all around the world.... excited... see you at ZNA Gathering 2017
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11 hours ago

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have a great time & looking 4ward to hear your recordings 🙂

Enjoy alex, sorry ,but this year I couldnt make it...See u Soon

Zna Gathering next ...

Zna Gathering next ... ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Eitan Reiter

Eitan Reiter
= >> << =
This is the link to the full video of my Eitan Reiter set at Ozora Festival official / Pumpui Stage.
It was the 1st time I played with my new live setup which made it exciting & terrifying at the same time. Eventually, thanks to the beautiful crowd, it was 100% pure FUN !
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Full set film by the talented Ben Kirschenbaum
[ The silly fade to white 4 minute teaser edited by myself 😉 ]
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6 days ago

Zna Gathering im sitting already for a week digitalizing some of my 90s dat tapes and cds ... tons of work and lots of proper tech-trance :)

Zna Gathering im sitting already for a week digitalizing some of my 90s dat tapes and cds ... tons of work and lots of proper tech-trance 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

7 days ago

Free CD with any cd order from our
#boshkebeats #hornsandhoofs #bandcamp
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7 days ago

20 years !

20 years !Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Boom festival! Its coming of age brings the perfect opportunity to reflect on its life journey and everything this has involved.

Ever since its first edition in 1997, Boom has touched the hearts and minds of many thousands of Boomers who have joined us for the occasion. It welcomes a diverse spectrum of people from around the world - an international crowd: it mirrors how the values and principles we push for are truly universal.

On this occasion, we would like to express profound gratitude for each and every person who has supported Boom, and contributed in any way, shape or form, to its making. You represent a talented community of vibrant workers, volunteers, friends, Boomers, supporters and artists who continue to give their best to set up such a magnificent experience for like-minded human beings.

Like a living being, Boom learns from everyone and everything; constantly evolving year after year, day after day, and with the sole intention of actively raising awareness through celebration, love, sustainability, and peace while being a home to a worldwide family of loving Boomers.

❤️ Happy Birthday to Boom, and THANK YOU, MUITO OBRIGADO to everyone,

With Love and Profound Respect to all Boomers,

Boom Team
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1 week ago

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El segundo de una serie de entrevistas exclusivas con Youth, que comparte su inspiración detrás de Space Mountain Festival.

¿Vosotros que opináis sobre nuestros sesiones directos en el estudio? ¿Habéis estado en un estudio profesional antes?

Cuéntanos en los comentarios, queremos oir vuestras experencias! Comparte lo con vuestros amigos.

Reserven sus entradas aquí:
Pero date prisa, hay disponibilidad limitada...
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1 week ago

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