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With a DJ career spanning almost twenty years, Andrew Till has seen more genres and styles come and go than most of us can name.

Starting out in the late 80s, he became known for fusing together many elements of electronic and experimental music. Via techno, trance, ambient, acid house, break, experimental, chill out, industrial, and psychedelic he is synonymous with an eclectic, varied spectrum of sound and has been a highlight at Australia’s outdoor parties from their inception in the early 90s right through to today.
As one of pivotal forces behind the Australian techno/trance community, he established Melbourne’s first dedicated underground electronic label Psy-Harmonics in 1992, with Ollie Olsen, which he still runs along with two other labels Cyan Music (Ambient/chill) & SUB (Trance).

Today, Andrew is still regarded as one of Australia’s pioneering forefront DJs through his diverse DJ sets that incorporate a myriad of musical genres, creating a journey through sound. He is one DJ that isn’t afraid to experiment with new styles and is forever pushing boundaries, not wanting to be pigeon-holed within one particular genre or style, this has earned him respect worldwide playing parties in London, San francisco, New York, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and numerous parties & festivals in Japan including Nagisa Music Festival.


Monday 18th June - 8pm -10pm (Melb AEST) Tune into the Machine Label show on Fnoob Techno Radio
featuring sets from Andrew Till recorded at Machine's 9th Birthday last month & Simon Slieker
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Monday 18th June - 8pm -10pm (Melb AEST) Tune into the Machine Label show on Fnoob Techno Radio 
featuring sets from Andrew Till recorded at Machines 9th Birthday last month & Simon Slieker

Machine 100 : Echoplex & Post Scriptum (live) .... Tickets online You Drop (SG1779) Video by Sebastian Kökow / the29nov Films ... See MoreSee Less

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Best Machine ever? It was a conversation point on Sunday. It's too hard to qualify of course with, but there is no doubt that was a wonderful event in our history of events. Spectacular vibe all night, great turn out, quality performances and great people all around. Thank you for coming out in such robust fashion and in such good spirits in a spirit of celebration. We are touched/honoured/humbled. Thank you for an incredibly array of quality sound upstairs Anthony Pappa & Phil K; it was like a whole new world up there and packed with the dancing vibe. Downstairs thank you @Juan Tellez and oh my gosh, what about that live set from Metapattern; proper live improvised out of the lattice work of machines in play. People were mesmerised. And of course to our Japanese guest Ryogo Yamamori who wound us up and released us. Thank you all so much, we're really appreciative of it all. And we loved playing for you as well: Simon Slieker & Andrew Till. The next MACHINE party will be Saturday 21st July. ... See MoreSee Less

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A pleasure to play for you guys. It was a fantastic night

A VERY worthy contender for best Machine ever - thank you for throwing us such a spectacular party ❤️

‘Twas a very very very good Machine indeed 🖤🎶🖤🎶🖤

Shame about the sound quality upstairs... awful. Like someone forgot to turn the subs on.

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