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Born in the UK and now settled in South America, James Monro’s immersion within the music industry goes back some 30 years. Having been classically trained at school, James’ musical influences diverged into a long and keen love affair with all things electronic. From his initiation into the otherworldly sounds of Yello, Jean Michelle Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Visage, Human League, Brian Eno,Georgio Moroder and the more left field electronic experimental bands of the early80’s, and combined with a deep love of the psychedelic bands of the 70’s, disco and early hip hop, it was inevitable that he fall into a passionate relationship with electronic dance music. He entered into club land, journeyed through the early daze of Acid House, the uk’s “summers of love” in ’88 and ’89,onto the beaches of Goa in the early ’90’s and out into the global circuit of parties and festivals that have since become his playground. All the while collecting the music as he went,finding and creating his sound, and starting up the now legendary Flying Rhino Records with 2 friends in 1995.

With the dawn of the new millennium, the demise of Flying Rhino, and the development of his new label 4digitalAudio (with his label partner Grant Collins) he took time out to settle into his own rhythm again. He started to produce both alone, and as 4D with Grant., and 2012 saw his Midnight Ramblers pseudonym (with George Barker, one one his partners from Flying Rhino) gain traction with an appearance on John Digweed’s “Structures Two” compilation with the techno gem,”Scarab”, which was charted number one by Nick Warren and heavily supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo and Robert Babicz. He once again came to the attention of Nick Warren with a contribution to his “Renaissance: Masters Series”in the shape of the beautiful “Ambientworkx7”. His releases have lately graced the likes of Proton Music, Bedrock, Renaissance, Stereo Seven Plus, iboga, Flow Vinyl, Blue Tunes, NamNam, Candyflip, 24hours Records, CityLights Music,Section Records, Twisted Records, Shifty Disco, Liquid Records and of course his own imprint 4DigitalAudio. Add to that music production for television and theatre plus co-founding the Tropical Beats imprint and DJ agency in Brasil, James has been a busy and productive player within the industry.

With his countless influences, musical prowess and production skills, as a DJ,James weaves a heady journey through all styles of dance music. So much so that it’s impossible to truly define his sound. Suffice to say it’s deep, its hypnotic, it’s emotional and above all fat and funky. James is always pushing the boundaries of what constitutes house or techno, and his passion for his craft has never faltered-his global schedule is testament to that. He’s been touring the globe for over 20 years, and still can’t get enough. He has played along side many of the leading lights of dance music-Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Sasha, Hernan Cataneo, Sven Vath, John Dig weed and Dave Seaman, to name just a few. He has also played in some of the most famous clubs on the planet, including Amnesia in Ibiza, Heaven in London, Womb in Tokyo, The Edge in Sao Paulo plus many of the best festivals and open-air parties in the UK, europe and rest of the world-all the while garnering ideas and inspiration that have made him both a finely tuned producer and phenomenally passionate DJ who has cemented his name as a popular and seasoned favourite within the underground music scene…..

Trance>>> As one of the front runners in the uk trance scene going back to the early nineties, and one of the co-founders of the legendary Flying Rhino Rec, James has been a key player and participant in the psychedelic scene for over 20 years now. He’s played all over the globe and has turned legions of dancers on with his unique approach to psychedelic music. His knowledge and wide collection of rare vinyl, cd’s and unreleased DAT’s, alongside all his productions over the years, has helped to create a renewed demand for his skills, as the “retro” side of things makes a huge resurgence and he helps bring back the future sound of yesterday….


Space Mountain Festival

Soon on my way to Space Mountain Festival - International Cosmic Arts Lab, set in the beautiful and historic Lecrin Valley in Spain.
Youth is opening his Space Mountain studios for another unique weekend of music, dancing, healing, and the flowing of creative juices. There will be interactive recording sessions, an Arts Lab with talks and cinema, and you'll be able to relax and immerse yourself in great visuals, delicious food and drink, a pop up spa with pool, sauna, resonant sound baths and holistic therapies, and of course there'll be a bit of a boogie featuring all sorts of sonic delights. Basically a melting pot of wonder, fun and all good things...
Tickets are still available but limited!

Space Mountain Festival2017 10/6 12:00pmSpace Mountain Festival - EspañolA festival of music where cosmic dreams and alchemic vibrations are very much alive. Set on the full moon, hosted by @[523736423:2048:Martin Glover] at his stunning state of the art music studio in the mountains near Granada, Spain. This boutique arts lab now in it's second year will host some of the world's top musicians, DJ's, producers and guest speakers.

Un festival de música donde los sueños cósmicos y las vibraciones alquímicas están muy vivos. Ubicado en la luna llena, auspiciado por Martin Glover en su impresionante estudio de música de vanguardia en las montañas cercanas a Granada, España. Este laboratorio de Artes ahora en su segundo año será el anfitrión de algunos de los mejores músicos del mundo, DJ ' s, productores y oradores invitados.

Alex​ ​Paterson​ ​(@[10498816213:274:The Orb])​ ​-​ ​(Live​ ​with​ @[10088716750:274:GAUDI],​ ​&​ ​Youth )
X-Dream (ftg Ariel Electron & East Bay Ray of Dead Kennedys)
@[158228385342:274:THE EGG]
@[421201021280215:274:Saafi Brothers]
@[1081393378608950:274:The Puretone Orchestra]
@[1481643858743856:274:Tim Wheater and Cherub]
Antonio​ ​Arias
@[311226128977201:274:Soleá Morente]
@[231065427192:274:SONIDO VEGETAL]
@[715320353:2048:Aurora Dawn]
@[100008235580907:2048:Tonguedong Drums]
@[138268536242285:274:Suns Of Arqa]
Aitor​ ​Gomez
Maria​ ​Garcia​ ​Martinez
Abraham​ ​Carmona
Merchants​ ​of​ ​Venus​ ​(Phill​ ​Sattchi)​ ​
Rhiannon​ ​
Lil​ ​Maxine
Rev​ ​John​ ​Chester
@[507338979339216:274:Los Monkys Attack]
Hussy​ ​Punters
Diego​ ​El​ ​Garrapato
Manuel​ ​Hidalgo
El​ ​Gran​ ​Binomio
Sami​ ​James
Mycool​ ​One​ ​Dread
@[712790964:2048:Bruno Aleph Wizard]
@[100005553408191:2048:Stellar Fairbairn]​
Tymon Dogg
Nik Turner
@[1343872156:2048:Georgina Brett]

@[78005158945:274:Shpongle (Simon Posford)]​ ​DJ​ ​Set​
@[1416911998609214:274:Total Eclipse]
@[333604916710044:274:The Delta]
@[53704349812:274:Tim Healey]
@[783314965052044:274:Mixmaster Morris]
@[111548365554008:274:DJ James Monro]
@[171787489513923:274:Gabriel Le Mar]
Jon Se Trinxa
@[656036461:2048:Mark Sinclair]
@[288843197955959:274:Cosmic Trigger]
@[103724289665765:274:Greg Hunter]
@[278022152251020:274:Alex Tolstey]
@[471146636399915:274:Steve Kundalini]
@[684086416:2048:Andy Mason]
@[571511310:2048:Darren Sangita]
@[191678230857030:274:Robin Triskele]
Toby​ ​Anderson
Rusty​ ​Egan
Tarka​ ​Sands

Guest speakers...Curated by Lisa Azarmi
Oradores invitados ... Comisariada por Lisa Azarmi

Jaz Coleman - (@[186566984728028:274:Killing Joke\: Official]),
@[532766928:2048:Mim Scala]
@[1492270474417705:274:Tymon Dogg]
@[526298177:2048:Dinaz Stafford]
@[577791414:2048:Craig Sams]
Nik Turner
Lynne Franks
Vick Bains

Producer Sessions with:
@[100006739901426:2048:John Leckie]
@[523736423:2048:Martin Glover]
@[109650735727881:274:Alex Paterson]
@[688211517:2048:Matt Black]
@[78005158945:274:Shpongle (Simon Posford)]

@[1405371519680374:274:Mike Coles art, design, video, photography]
@[688211517:2048:Matt Black]
@[138615626162304:274:Magnetic mirror]
@[546676064:2048:Paul Nano Skawinski]

We are so pleased to have along with us for the second year the amazing deco from @[368595476506288:274:Liquid Faeries].

Sound healing, gongs, yoga, talks, live jam sessions. It's a unique experience and one not to be missed.

Sanación con sonidos, gongs, yoga, charlas, Jam Sessions en vivo. Es una experiencia única y uno que no se puede perder.

Check out the facebook page or the website for more info and how to get there.
Tickets now on sale... See you in Narnia.

Echa un vistazo a la página de Facebook o el sitio web para obtener más información y cómo llegar allí.

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16 hours ago

Its coming...August 4th...

It's coming...August 4th...The very special artist album debut from DJ James Monro has arrived. Coming August 4th, preview the full album now!


On writing the album, James says: "Music has infinite possibilities and according to one's mood, what's amazing one day can be so wrong on another. Getting to that point of completion has been so difficult...the endless production tweaks, the never ending moments of self doubt, and the closer to the tracks and the more immersed in the project I became, the more and more difficult it was to be objective.

Writing an album was something I never really thought would happen, as I know what goes into an album. Generally in the dance world it's just a collection of tracks, but a good album should be a timeless piece of music and an opportunity to tell a story and wear your heart on your sleeve, warts and all. Hence after so long in this industry I never did it!

Proton asked me to do this, and I thought, let's have a go! I'd probably never have done it if Jason at Proton hadn't asked.
As such, It can be very difficult to get to the point where one is happy to let it go... the point where you say OK, that's ok, it's finished, I'm happy to let it fly.

To aspiring artists: I'd advise to always have a couple of friends at hand, whose opinions you trust implicitly (and who are brutally and critically honest) to bounce ideas off. They can be the lighthouses in the fog and help you cut through the doubt, and help your decision making. Ultimately it's all down to you, it's your own journey, but give it time, do it with an open heart and mind and make sure you enjoy it. I've loved the emotional ups and downs this album has taken to create, the pleasure and the pain, from hating it to loving it. It's all part of the process I guess, but if you feel the urge to do it, then make sure you give it plenty of time; although do have a deadline! Having a deadline, even though I never met it, has been intrinsic to my completing the album and letting it go..."
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2 months ago

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can't wait to hear your set at Oregon Eclipse Fest

This is such a great listen 🙂

Awesome 🙂 cheers from Bolivia!

Just heard (and downloaded) the promo, awesome stuff man!


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A preview of my new track on Nick Brennan's (Aka. Tripswitch) new compilation.

Check out this track from one of my favourite artists DJ James Monro on the brand new Tripswitch compilation fresh on Onedotsixtwo. Purchase here:
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4 months ago

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Nice one Mr M 🙂

What a beautiful album! I've been wandering around Portobello Road listening on repeat. Sentiment is my favourite but all gorgeous.

Nice summer groove

Nasha ShopNahariya

Noisily Festival of Music and Arts

Check out this short documentary made last year, sums up beautifully what the score is... 'Noisily, Behind The Decks'. (Relative altitude achieved at the moment of holding my own little interview!)

Noisily Festival of Music and Arts
Our artists talk about the beauty of outdoor festivals like Noisily Festival of Music and Arts in our short documentary: Noisily, Behind The Decks.

Just 50 days until Noisily 2017, explore our line-up on
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4 months ago

Glastonbury 2017...bring it on...3 sets to be played, and probably a Rabbit~Hole session too...

Glastonbury 2017...bring it on...3 sets to be played, and probably a Rabbit~Hole session too... ... See MoreSee Less

5 months ago

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Brilliant James well deserved

Think we need to go to this Rebecca 👍😀😂

Nice one James 😀

Is your set in the Glade lounge going to be psy Trance?

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