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In terms of artistry, this lady knows no borders and is, in a positive sense un-catogorizable. When DJ’ing or composing she treads her own terrain. She is Queen of her own un-touched planet styled from eclectic musical elements that she instinctively feels she can fuse into her own super-dimension. An astoundingly beautiful electronic patchwork quilt of sound is Ree.K.
Chronologically, her resume reads…

Music career begins in ’84, active as a DJ from ’92, her original party organization [Space Gathering] was set up in ’97 and an electronic music band [Kinocosmo] formed in ’98. She released her own DJ mix CD [Cubism] in 2001 and started her own label in 2002 called [Hypnodisk].and released two mix CD [Alpha] and [Omega] in 2006, Chillout mix CD “Quantum Leap” in 2015. Ree.K will never stop pushing herself further and deeper into the many dimensions of music.


本日 熊本navaroでフリーマーケットやってます。私もこれから出店しに行きます〜

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2 weeks ago

Boom Festival 2018 Alchemy CircleBoom Festival 2018 Alchemy Circle line up announced:
Amulador, Apart, Be Svendsen, BUZO, code-therapy, CrennWiick, Desert Dwellers, elektro guzzi, Enkō, Fabio Leal (Zenon Records), Flembaz, Floating Machine, Florian MSK, Fungophago, Gala Drop, Gonçalo, Marc Maya, GRUB / Zenon Records, Isis ft. Moze, DJ James Monro, João Bandarra, John 00 Fleming, Land Switcher, Luis M, MANU, Master Margherita, Millivolt, MNGRM, Naasko, natural/electronic.system., Nélson Flip, Nsekt, Oceanvs Orientalis, Octa Push, Öona Dahl, Pedro Aguiar, Pedro Martins, DJ Pena, REE.K, Citizen:kane, Satori, SHIGETO, Sumiruna, Val Vashar, Woo York, Zen Racoon
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3 weeks ago

Boom Festival 2018 Alchemy Circle
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