System 7 is a band based around Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy, They are both original members of the legendary progressive-band GONG, with over 30 years of musical creation. They have released 7 albums as System 7, and has launched their self owned label “A-WAVE” in 2000. They are one of the few techno groups to feature the electric guitar (with the sound often heavily processed), and to have a female synthesizer player, generating a unique harmony of psychedelic techno sound and originality.
In Japan they have performed in WORLD FESTIVAL OF SACRED MUSIC held in Itsukushima-shrine, Hiroshima, TOKIO DROME, Nagisa Music Festival, Asagiri-JAM, MOTHER, performing in the country every year since 1999. And has been gaining growing respect from the younger generation with their sounds transporting minds into dimensions never experienced.
In 2005 they released an album as the new ambient techno project, “Mirror System”. In 2007 they released a tribute album for OSAMU TEZUKA’s representing piece, “PHOENIX”. This album was a collaboration master piece, with SON KITE, EAT STATIC, SLACK BABA, MITO from Clammbon, and was also compiled with a Video by the whiz-kid visual creator mu-℃ magic. This Video was highly esteemed all over the nations.
In 2009 they will be releasing a new album as Mirror System, and is scheduled to be on an awaited world tour as GONG, their actions are seamless, their appearance shining with brighter light.


Orbfest June 23rd tickets on sale now

System 7 playing with The Orb at Orbfest @ the London Roundhouse on Sat June 23rd! Also on the bill are Leftfield, Ulrich Schnauss and GAS/Wolfgang Voigt. Be there!
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2 weeks ago

System 7 playing with The Orb at Orbfest @ the London Roundhouse on Sat June 23rd! Also on the bill are Leftfield, Ulrich Schnauss  and GAS/Wolfgang Voigt.  Be there!

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When in Paris ?? ?????

Matt Burdett

Andy Land…???

Mark Burdass - what could possibly go wrong?

Rather old hat surely? Back in the day supported by dreadzone it was fierce.

What a line up!!

Dan Lindsay?

James Bradley we should go!

Shona Woodhead pleaseeeeee 🙄🙏🏼

Emma Louise Mullender

Victoria Green


woow, System 7 and The Orb, Amazing.

Ryan Reed what's your schedule looking like?🤔

Ryan Horn that will be good 💥💥💥

Brindley Harding This is a must

I fuvking love Ulrich Schnauss.

Come to the states!

Andrew McDougall this would be amazing.

Ross Girling

George Bell

Den Wakeham

Holly Preece

Great , sadly so far away .....

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Small gigs update - many more to come... ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Small gigs update - many more to come...

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Chris Kershaw© Tezuka Productions © A-Wave Records from the album Phoenix. Video directed b... ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Video image

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Still a wonderful video... but come on Steve, more of those delicious guitar riffs, please 🙂

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2 months ago

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Come back to junction Cambridge .... pleeeeaaase! 😍

US Tour!!!

Heywood Heywood!! You never come to Heywood!!!

Looking forward to the new album!

System 7 i Love ❤ You


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Here we are in Seattle - driving to Portland today. And here are our US shows:-
Sat 19th Aug - Oregon Eclipse Festival - Mirror System - Earth Stage 11:45am
Sun 20th Aug - Oregon Eclipse Festival - System 7 - Sun Stage 12 noon - followed by special System 7 / Marcus Henriksson live jam electronic collaboration
Sun 27th Aug - San Francisco - The Chapel
Sat 2nd Sept - Seattle - Terrarium, 2312 2nd Avenue
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8 months ago

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I did not know this - that you were playing in Oregon for the eclipse. Too late now alas. Did you announce this in the Planet Gong group too, because I didn't see anything? Have fun anyway.

Wish you were coming to Texas?

You guys doing BM? Will come find you if you are 😍

Raj Shekhar check these guys in your city.. you won't regret.

truly can't wait to see you in seattle!

See you at the Chapel on Sunday night

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