AUM Ritual

AUM Ritual



AUM is the primal sound on which all of creation is vibrating. We invite you to connect with source during this full moon ritual by dancing to mind-blowing music from many different genres. This gathering takes place in the same magical location as the Forgotten Ritual in 2007 and it is our intention to unite the psychedelic family from all scenes on one dancefloor to co-create a powerful experience.

Together with workshops, talking circles, a healing area, a chillout tea tent and a pirate corner, we want to inspire and (re)connect you with yourselves and others.



Presale: 55 € / 77 € – depending on your country of residence
At the Gate: 99 € / CHF Festival pass, 33 € / CHF One Night/One Day pass

Psytrance, Techno, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, Dub, Tribal, D’n’B, Experimental




AUM is the first sound to which all of creation is vibrating. The purpose of AUM Ritual is to go back to the beginnings of trance dance gatherings. During the three days and nights leading to full moon we take you on a shamanic journey through inner and outer realms. We gather on a sacred place in nature with beautiful freaky people from all over the world to create a powerful collective experience and open a space where magic, miracles, healing and the sacred can manifest.

Musically, our intention is to transcend genre boundaries and unite the different tribes on one dance floor. We offer you a one-of-a-kind journey through mind & body altering musical landscapes by inviting some of the best international artists in their respective styles and programming the sequence of their performances in a conceptual way. Their task is to lead you on this journey by augmenting and transforming the energy this ritual will create. Our aim is to go back to the roots of rave music when the boundaries between genres were not as rigid as nowadays. We are united in our diversity.

Since this is not an ordinary party but a magical ritual, your active participation is very welcome. Please set your intentions beforehand and prepare accordingly. Our mission is to contribute to a better and more peaceful world and to help freaks from different scenes to connect with each other. We have chosen Yggdrasil, the tree of life in Nordic Mythology to symbolize the fact that while we might be exploring different aspects of reality, we are all manifestations of the same source energy is. Yggdrasil as the world tree is the axis mundi, the connection to the different realms we’re accessing with our ritual: The upper-, the middle- and the underworld.

We believe that for transformation to occur, it is not enough to heal the individual – we are social and relational beings and thus need the connection with other humanoids to transform our community/society on the collective level. Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious is very important here, as are Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way and group work. We are also inspired by Hakim Bey’s concept of a Temporary Autonomous Zone where people can experience true freedom from societal norms and regulations and become more themselves.

This is a psychedelic festival for psychedelic people organized by psychedelic artists. Please respect nature, each other and yourself.



AUM RITUAL LINE UP (in alphabetical order):

Atriohm (MAK) – Forest Psytrance

Blind Prophets (PL/CH) (DJ Milosz b2b Le Chat-Man) – open end outro set – time travel through history of psychedelic music – Eclectic

Blush Response live (CUB/USA) – Industrial Techno

Boston 168 (ITA) – Techno

Dasha Rush (RUS/GER) – Techno

DJ Hemi-Sync (CH) – Experimental

DJ Hidden aka My_Initials (NED) – from Techno to Drum’n’Bass/Hardcore/Crossover

DJ Imox (CH) – Psygressive PsyTrance

DJ Milosz (PL/CH) – Techno

Full Moon Mondo (JPN) – Hi-Tech Psytrance

Gaudi (UK) – Dub

Hang Brothers (CH) – Hang Music/Ambient

I Hate Models (FRA) – Techno

Kasatka (GER) – Hitech Psytrance

Kindzadza (RUS) – Old School Full Power Russian Psytrance

Le Chat-Man (PL/CH) – all styles BLACK BOX project (total darkness, no lights)/Conceptual Experimental Music

Marama Tribe (CH) – Celtic Tribal

Mongust (JPN) – Hi-Tech Psytrance

Murcof (MEX) – Deep Listening, Glitch-Classic Fusion

Noise Gust (JPN) – Dark-Forest to Hi-Tech Psy-Trance

Ocelot (USA) – Psytrance

Øresund Space Collective (USA/SWE) – Experimental Psychedelic Rock

Oxidaksi (ISR) – Hi-Tech Psy-Trance

Pastor John (ZAF) – Hi-Tech Psytrance

Perc (UK) – Techno

Pikacyu/Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mother’s Temple) (JPN) – Experimental Psychedelic Rock

Purist (BRA) – Forest Psytrance

Robert Rich (USA) – special opening set – Deep Listening

SAF SAP New Generation (CH) – African Tribal Drums

Semiomime (NED) – Deep Listening

Takaaki Itoh (JPN) – Techno

Whrikk (NED) – Experimental Psy-Trance