New Release! Funky Gong EP – Through The Past Trip

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FUNKY GONG New release - Through The Past Trip

New Release! Funky Gong EP – Through The Past Trip

今までJOUJOUKAのメンバーとしてTSUYOSHIと長年活動を共にし、数多くのREMIX WORKを発表して来たFUNKY GONGが3枚目のアルバムリリースに先駆けてEPをMATSURI DIGITALからリリース!!FUNKY GONGの新境地といっても過言ではないミニマルサイケデリックグルーブとギターをフューチャリングしたこのトラックに、イギリスより大御所SYSTEM7、スウェーデンより次世代Goa TranceアーティストのFILTERIAのREMIXを収録!!新しいサイケデリックグルーブを感じて欲しい!


Matsuri is proud to present an EP featuring a brilliant new track by Funky Gong paired with amazing remixes by our great friends System 7 and Filteria. Funky Gong’s Through The Past Trip is a deep but uplifting production by the great Japanese producer, with cosmic guitar riffs, a powerful kick, beautiful harmonies, and geometric patterning that are wonderfully layered into an emotional stormer of a track. Electronica legends System 7 offer their superb take with a remix that features a more upbeat tempo and upper frequency tweaks, all building to a grand climax with driving 303 rhythmic propulsion. Rounding out the EP, the Filteria Present Remix features a groovy kick and analog synth lines that emphasize the harmonic flavour of the original, evolving the patterning and melodic content into a powerfully explosive track.All three of these mixes are sure to get dance floors around the world pumping and grooving with their strong kick, psychedelic colours, and beautiful harmonies and melodies!


///Track List///
Track 1. Through The Past Trip – Original Mix –
Track 2. Through The Past Trip – System 7 Remix –
Track 3. Through The Past Trip – Filteria Present Remix –


Track 1. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda
Track 2. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda,
Remix & Additional Production by System 7
Track 3. W & P by Minoru Tsunoda, Remixed by Jannis Tzikas

Tracks 1,2,3 Masterd by Samy Guediche at CPU Lab
Track3 Remixed at Filteria Studio, Stockholm, Sweden




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Filteria Soundcloud:


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