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Borned in Ukraine (ex USSR), currently living in Spain.
From the childhood been a music fan and collector. Played his first dj set at his schools disco at age 11.

First dj tool was 2 Engine Double Cassette Deck” ABA ” with automatic synchronization option  it was presented to him by his grandparents and served him during 1989- 1994 period.Alex discovered techno music on some wicked party in Tel Aviv’s harbor in the summer 94, those days he was already listening to experimental electronic music and as been connected to the whole  local metal /punk scene he wanted this music to be introduced and experienced by others. With few friends he started to organize and play techno- trance at alternative parties with more open-minded crowd, whom really needed something new and fresh for their mind,body and soul.

From 95 to 98 Alex played in Israel on different underground locations ,organized  so called Fluoro People open air parties and played as a resident dj for the famous Tel Aviv’s trance bar ” Twisted” which was Simon Posford’s (Hallucinogen/Shpongle/Younger Brother) Twisted Records embassy in Israel at that time. From 98 Alex living in Spain and responsible for artist pool of Boshke Beats Records, concentrating on more massive and deep side of psychedelic techno, he signed for the label such artists as Midimiliz (Spirallianz), The Delta, Authentik ( 3.TURN) and Fuzzion.

Playing in such countries as Canada, Japan, Spain, Israel, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland…earned Alex very positive DJ reputation through the worldwide techno and trance community.His Dj sets are always special, as he’s taking the crowd to the really deep journey through the music’s future,present and some extra screen windows to the past, full of atmosphere hypnotising rhythms ,emotions ,synthetic breaks,flashing back, forward, blending together,and everything with its maximum strength and phatness when necessary.

His preferable playing time is from deep night to early morning.

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::: O.Z.O.R.A. Festival 2018 official movie :::

Dear Friends,
our official video is now available on our YouTube channel! May it bring you joy, smiles & beautiful memories
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And you thought mixing vinyl was hard... 😱
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Lee NoFace Chizmario

We are coming back to Japan in March
#midimiliz #extrawelt Extrawelt
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Boshce Beats! Hi See Ouyrs Works, nice


yeahhh 🤘😎