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From Acid raves and pirate radio stations in the ʼ90s, to Psychedelic festivals around the globe,Giorgio Gatti aka Josko has been collecting and playing records for more than two decades.

In 1991 he got in touch with electronic music through an underground Italian radio station, which broadcasted music from techno pioneers like Jeff Mills and UR. Here he discovered his love for “turntablism” and mixers, and from then on his life revolved around the exploration and obsessive research of music – the beginning of life as a DJ.

Throughout his career he has developed a distinctive sonic repertoire, drawing on a hypnotic,deep and academic take on techno music.He does not confine himself to trends and musical categories – his emphasis is on feeling and depth, and the emotional potential of sound. His sets create a unique sonic patchwork, creating an eclectic combination of sounds to deliver a hypnotising groove that moves the dance floor, both physically and emotionally.

His tripped-out and futuristic take on Techno is informed by its original Detroit roots, as well as Dub, Psychedelia, and even sci-fi sounds – all part of the technologically-minded culture that he grew up in.

Joskoʼs approach to music, and the final result, is unique – he aims to go beyond the assemblageof different tracks to create a musical symbiosis – a sonic experience that goes beyond the sum of its parts, drawing on modern and early techno, contemporary and experimental downtempo beats, to snippets of speech and atmospheric soundtracks.

His obsession with electronic music has gone beyond these moments too: his collaboration with music labels has helped other artists to be heard, and his organisational role in the Psychedelic festival scene – notably in encouraging space for more eclectic electronic music in the Alternative Stages – has helped make these musical moments possible on a much larger scale.