Nogera had passed away on 6th Nov, 2016. Rest In Peace. 


NOGERA… Psychedelic Super Rock ‘n’ Roll Drummer.
He started the drums at the age of ten, which he studied by himself. Inspired by R&B and Rock music, he started his professional career in the late 70s as vocal & percussion of “Noge Harlem Band” in Yokohama Japan. In the 80s to 90s, he devoted himself to world music (Brazilian, African, Reggae, etc.), and he co-starred with various bands and artists, and he interested in the african dance, and studied it. He played as a drummer, percussion, and DJ in all kinds of dance music such as Hip-hop, Dance-hall, House, etc and performed on the main concert hall and the stadium all over Japan, New York and France. In the late 90s he discovered Minimal and trance music, and performed at “Rainbow 2000”, the first large-scale outdoors techno music festival in Japan, with minimal techno unit “Hyper Cube Jr.” After that he joined “KINOCOSMO”, the trance music rock band.
He worked as a staff and as a performer in various places in Japan, (New York, and France) and extended his activities to Taiwan and China.
In 2001, joining to “SHPONGLE”, he has made up a lot of wonderful shows as a member of SHPONGLE.
Besides his live performance, he also got involved in another project called “Open Tuning”, which means at the same time a spiritual purpose of greeting and respect for the land where party is held, and the technical meaning of tuning on music side. As an amazing music player, he is now a miraculous party monster and a essential artist of Japan.