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In terms of artistry, this lady knows no borders and is, in a positive sense un-catogorizable. When DJ’ing or composing she treads her own terrain. She is Queen of her own un-touched planet styled from eclectic musical elements that she instinctively feels she can fuse into her own super-dimension. An astoundingly beautiful electronic patchwork quilt of sound is Ree.K.
Chronologically, her resume reads…

Music career begins in ’84, active as a DJ from ’92, her original party organization [Space Gathering] was set up in ’97 and an electronic music band [Kinocosmo] formed in ’98. She released her own DJ mix CD [Cubism] in 2001 and started her own label in 2002 called [Hypnodisk].and released two mix CD [Alpha] and [Omega] in 2006, Chillout mix CD “Quantum Leap” in 2015. Ree.K will never stop pushing herself further and deeper into the many dimensions of music.


Thank you for this incredibly wonderful set you played at Boom Festival. I will remember this forever. One of the best festival moments in my life.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Tim
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20 hours ago

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will you upload it to mixcloud? and when can we see you in europe next time?

Thank you Boom Festival !!!!🙏
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1 week ago


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REE.Kさん Boomいかれていたんですねー!! いいなー!!w

先日のSpace Gathering Kumamotoの模様です。
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2 months ago


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@2.06.33-48.58 Amazing Individual movements~~

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