Jikooha結成20周年記念アルバム、MATSURI DIGITALよりリリース!

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Jikooha5作目のフルアルバム”SPACEMEN▲UNDERGROUND”6月10日MATSURI DIGITALよりリリース決定!

Album Information:
Artist: Jikooha
Catalogue No : MD014
Release Date : 2017/6/10

Track List:
1. Neo Tokyo Apocalypse
2. Decode Reality
3. Gravity Controller
4. Shamanarchy
5. Shambhala UFO
6. Lemuria
7. Nextgen Odyssey [JIKOOHA & ASTEROIDNOS]
8. Ecco Weed
9. Mandalavision

Tracks 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9 : Written and Produced by Jun & Shimodi @Jikooha Studio.
Tracks 7 : Written and Produced by Jun, Shimodi and Makio Asteroidnos.
Mastered By Colin Bennun @The Stooodio, Bristol, UK

97年結成以来、ゴアトランス&パンクロックを基軸にしながら独自のダンスサウンドを築いてきたJIKOOHAが、キャリア20周年を迎え5年ぶり5枚目となるフルアルバムをトランス界重要レーベルMatsuri Digital よりリリース!マスタリングには、UKで90年代に結成されたトランスバンド、OOOD のColin を迎え、アンダーグラウンドから、混迷を深め綻び始めた偽りの世界に放つ、魂のダンストラック全9曲。



After 5 years from the previous album, finally Jikooha is releasing their 5th album from a legendary label Matsuri Digital. 2 Japanese guys, Jun and Shimodi have been making impressive Goa trance tracks around for20 years since 97 with their pure punk spirits and loving Goa mind. Producing music with analog gears such as Roland TB-303, SH-101, Korg MS-20, Arp Odyssey and so on. The album is including very hypnotic and acidic 9 tracks with their attitude. This musical journey appears the trust for freedom, mind expansion, and whole one harmonious universe. You can feel and dance to these deep shamanic sounds.
So now, open your mind and decode reality!

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